What is Puppy School?

Any fully vaccinated puppy under five months of age may join a puppy class. A new class usually begins every month.

This is a crucial time in a dog’s life when it should be exposed to sights, smells, sounds, other dogs and people so that it can become a well adjusted family pet. We do not want any puppy to have to wait too many weeks before beginning.

Puppy training consists of:

Puppies in all puppy classes are trained wearing ordinary collars. Positive reinforcement is used to encourage the pups to learn and to always be successful in their attempts.  At CDODC, we train to win, so the pups learn quickly, comprehensively and without harsh punishments that diminish the puppy-handler bond.

All pups stay in puppy class until they are 6 – 7 months of age, as it is not until this age that they are beginning to physically mature and to have the concentration span necessary for more formal obedience training.

Duration: 8 weeks.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself"