Obedience Trial Class

Obedience Trial Class

What is Obedience Trial Class?

Once members have passed the Advanced class they have the opportunity to partake in one-on-one tuition with obedience trial instructors.  CDODC is very fortunate to have extremely experienced trainers in this area.  Our instructors are at the top of their game and eager to impart their vast knowledge to aspiring triallers.  Apart from fine tuning your obedience training, handlers are taught ringcraft, trial rules and etiquette.  As in all classes at CDODC, reward-based, positive reinforcement techniques are used. Instructors regularly attend seminars and training groups to keep pace with new developments and ideas.

The CDODC trial group is extremely friendly and has a great team spirit. All the triallers help and encourage one another to succeed.  CDODC triallers enter trials all around the state – it is indeed rare to attend an obedience trial in Victoria without finding several of our members competing, and very often coming home with great passes!

Trial tuition/practice sessions are available on Sunday mornings from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm.

We typically hold two obedience trials at our grounds each year.


To compete in obedience trialling, a handler must become a member of Dogs Victoria. Their dog must also be registered with Dogs Victoria.  If your dog is a mixed breed, you can register it as an Associate.

For more information on obedience trialling please email trial@croydondogclub.com.au or visit Dogs Victoria.

The Benefit

More Than Just a Pet

At CDODC, we understand that your dog is not just a pet, but a member of your family. As a member of your family, it’s important that they learn to respect your rules and behave as you expect them. We can help you and your dog to: