Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience

What is Advanced Obedience class?

Advanced class caters to handlers who finish Basic Obedience and wish to continue training their dogs to a higher standard. The aim is to prepare handlers to compete at the first trial level, Community Companion Dog (CCD), and to begin teaching exercises required for higher trial levels.

Once handlers have gained an Advanced class pass, they become eligible for one­-on-­one expert tuition in the trial ring practice area.  Here their skills are further refined, and they are also taught “ringcraft” by instructors who are themselves active triallers.

It is a requirement that dogs in this class have attained their Basic Obedience title. If the instructor feels that you are not ready just yet, you will be asked to attend a social class for a while to further hone your skills before re-joining the Advanced class.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Advanced class, please email

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