Conditions of Membership


Conditions of Membership

1. Membership application requirements: Persons who wish to apply to be a member of CDODC must provide acceptable photo ID which includes their current address, a copy of their dog’s current vaccination record or titre test results (bordetella not included), and proof of concession where applicable. CDODC accepts the following forms of photo ID: Australian Drivers Licence or Learners Permit, Australian Shooters Licence, Australian Police Force Officer or Australian Defence Force Photo Identity Card, Consular Photo ID, Security/Crowd Control Licence, Australian Photo ID Card such as “Keypass” or similar, Australian Government Photo ID such as Working With Children Permit, Department of Justice and Proof of Age Card. 

2. Membership period: Membership is current from 1st April to 31st March of the following year. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure they lodge their renewal before expiry, and CDODC has no obligation to send out reminders.

3. Membership fees:  Membership and training fees are paid annually. The joining fee is a ‘once only’ fee, provided membership is continuous. Fees cannot be transferred and refunds will only be offered as required under applicable laws. All memberships are non-transferrable.

4. Code of conduct: By joining CDODC you agree to:

(a) endeavour to train your dog in a positive manner;
(b) refrain from physical abuse of any dog under your care;
(c) be responsible for any damage caused by your dog;
(d) abide by the Victorian Canine Association Inc Social Media Code of Conduct – section 20.6 in VCA Regulations, Codes, Policies and Procedures;
(e) be polite and well mannered;
(f) not engage in verbal or physical abuse, bullying, harassment or intimidation. Such conduct will not be tolerated and action may be taken against perpetrators;
(g) park legally and so as not to inconvenience others; and
(h) refrain from damaging CDODC property.
5. Children: Persons under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times while on the CDODC premises.
6. Risk: All persons enter the CDODC premises and/or participate in CDODC activities at their own risk. CDODC will not accept responsibility for any accident, loss, or damage to any person or property unless required under applicable law.
7. Suitability for group training: CDODC endeavours to assist all its members with appropriate training. However, group classes may be not be a suitable learning forum for all dogs. CDODC reserves the right to prohibit participation by dogs deemed unsuitable for its training structure.
8. Dog vaccination: Dogs and puppies must have a current, full vaccination record (or titre test result) to attend CDODC, with the exception of puppies attending puppy pre-school, in which case a first vaccination is required. Proof of bordetella vaccination is not required.
9. Display of membership cards: Correct membership cards must be worn at all times whilst training at CDODC, and you must ensure your membership card is not misused.
10. Change of details: Members must notify CDODC of change of details, including address, phone number and email address, as set out in items 19(1)(ii) and (iv) of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic).
11. Number of handlers in class: Only one handler per dog is to attend class at any one time, with the exception of puppy pre-school, puppy class and child handlers.
12. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside the clubhouse and whilst attending class.
13. Mobile phones: Mobile phones should be switched off or placed on silent during class, except in the case of an emergency worker.
14. Waste disposal: Members must clean up after their dog at all times. This includes in and around the grounds, in the car park and on surrounding streets. Bins and plastic bags are provided at CDODC for this purpose.
15. Yellow bandanas: Dogs wearing a yellow bandana must be given plenty of space and are not to be approached by people or dogs without their owners’ express permission.
16. Permission to pat: Adults and children should not touch any dog without the permission of the owner.
17. Playground: The playground is out of bounds for dogs at all times.
18. Tethering: Dogs are not to be tied up on verandah posts, or near the doors into the clubhouse or kiosk.
19. On lead: Dogs must be on lead between 9.15 am and 12.15 pm on the grounds, unless directed by an instructor during a class exercise.
20. Dogs in season: Bitches in season are not permitted on or near the grounds until their season has been completed.
21. Arriving late: You are expected to be in class by its starting time. If you are delayed, please wait until a break occurs in the class, apologise and ask to join in.
22. Child handlers: Child handlers are CDODC members aged 12 to 18. Child handlers may only train a dog if:
(a) they have completed and passed an assessment to determine the suitability of the size and temperament of the dog in relation to the size and age of the child. The assessment will be conducted by a panel of two CDODC volunteers whose decision is final;
(b) a parent, guardian or supervising adult is also a member of CDODC and will attend class with the child handler at all times; and
(c) a parent, guardian or supervising adult has signed a Parental Agreement Form.
23. Abiding by laws: All members acknowledge that CDODC operates on Council-owned property and accept any applicable responsibilities by law.
24. CDODC Rules: You agree that you have read, understood and agree to the CDODC Incorporated Association Rules.
25. Breach of conditions of membership: A breach of these conditions of membership may result in the suspension or cancellation of your membership with CDODC, and/or further legal action as applicable.